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I first heard of Emily Carroll when I stumbled on the Draw This Dress blog, which Emily does with fellow cartoonist Vera Brosgol (who did the wonderful Anya's Ghost). At the time, I just knew her as the one who didn't draw as many dresses as Vera. Then someone on [community profile] scans_daily linked one of her comics, and I realized that she does these amazing, gorgeous short comics.

You can read them here.

But my favorites are the ultra-creepy His Face All Red and the sweet, mythic Anu-Anulan & Yir's Daughter.

Go read them! They are so good, and they don't take much time at all to read.
caro: Zhang Ziyi as Mei from The House of Flying Daggers (flying daggers)

It's just a collection of images of female fighters (mostly fantasy art, but some more historical pieces as well) in armor that someone might actually wear. How rare and wonderful is that?
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Got this from scans_daily! Legend of Korra trailer.

Here's the original post, which includes a gorgeous poster for the series as well.
caro: Zhang Ziyi as Mei from The House of Flying Daggers (flying daggers)

This is a really beautiful, simple piece of animation that left me a little awed.
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Today on Project Rooftop, the costume-redesign site for superheroes, Alex Mitchell reimagines the Justice League as chanbara style Japanese heroes.


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it's time to decide
'cause no one's gonna save you
if you don't swim for the boat
no one's gonna save you
if you won't take the rope
no one's gonna find you
when you're hiding in the dark
no one's gonna find you

-- Ok Go

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